Saturday, April 18, 2009

Your First Comic?

Ok, getting a rare breather in what is turning out to be one hell of a busy month, but going to try and bring you guys some serious fun...

What was your first comic? When did you get into it? What do you think your first comic says about you? Do you remember?

Now, for me, I remember getting exposure to comics early on, with some GI JOE and Alf comics (STFU, if you don't like Alf, then you and I can never, ever be friends, the end ). But the first comic I remember getting and reading and fully enjoying....

No, I'm not kidding - at age EIGHT, I picked up Claremont at his densest, most impentratable - at the penultimate chapter of a crossover story arc.
Now, let's be clear, up until then, my ENTIRE EXPOSURE TO THE X-MEN consisted of:
-Their appearances on "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends"
-The "Pryde of the X-Men" aborted Pilot Cartoon (yes, the one where Wolverine sounds Australian and the White Queen shoots lightning)
This means I went in not knowing about Madeline Pryor, THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA, where was Charles Xavier, why the hell Beast was Blue, or who the hellArchangel, Psyloke, Rogue, Havok, or Longshot were. Oh, and trying to figure out where Firestar was. (Remember, 8 years old). And yet, I kept up with it and slowly filled in the gaps (ah, thank you comic shop boom with your questionable back issue pricing schemes), and by 1991, I had it mostly figured out.
So...I have no idea what that says about me.
Your turn.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Making fun of Batman = Lazy Post

Sorry guys, but going to be a lot more lazy posts like this for a while. Try to enjoy the material and give feedback.