Thursday, August 28, 2003

"We can be heroes...."

Anyway, now that I've covered my family, on to my heroes from my childhood and high school years;

Mike: My best friend, and although he and I have had our differences, there are few people I respect more. While I have my family to thank for my more positive characteristics, I have to thank Mike for showing me my darker nature. By exposing me to my anger, ruthlessness and cruelty, he unknowingly (?) innocculated me to it, and gave me the means to control it. In turn, I hope I have shown him that there is more to life than that.

Ross: Ross and I have been kindred spirits: Hot headed picked on kids of Italian lineage. Which probably explained why we used to hate each other so much. That being said, he's shown just how far past that sort of crap we can go, and he's been an inspiration in that regard. Kudos, dude.

Barb: While I regret that it has been too many years since I last saw or spoke to her, Barb had the unique distinction of being the first woman outside my family to believe in me, and to expand my horizons. Any instinct I have to change and better myself are a direct result of her showing me just how limited and immature I was. I never her thanked her for that. Barb if you are reading this, thanks.

Bob Denham: My chain-smoking, misogynistic, alcoholic Gr.9 English teacher was the first teacher (outside my mom, of course) who thought I had any real talent at anything. That bastard started my affair with writing, and he deeply influenced my writing style. Thanks, Bob

The Skaters (Adam et. al.): There were two "groups" in my school; the jocks and the skaters. I didn't really understand or belong to any particular group, but it was the skaters I related to more easily. They used a "live and let live" policy that was refreshing change from hyper-competitive materialism that was more typical of jocks. Aside from which, the skaters saw things in high school ffor what they were; completely fucking arbitrary.

Later folks,


Sunday, August 24, 2003

A different topic entirely....

I've decided to drop all mentions of comics and popculture for the next few blogs, because I've noticed that I've been talking about it far more than I really wanted to. The only exception will be when I talk about the Weird Al Concert I'm going to in a few days...

What I'm going to talk about for the next few posts: My heroes.

So to start

My family

My father and mother just celebrated their 27th anniversary this last Thursday, and it reminded me of how much I owe to them and the rest of my family. While no amount of words can truly express how I feel about them, I felt a little bit of homage is appropriate.

My father taught me the value of a limitless imagination and of the value of different perspectives. Unfortunately, I also inherited a good deal of his absent-mindedness, but we try to not let it deter us.

From my mother, I developed a very fine sense of right and wrong, and an idealism that occassionally gets me into trouble, but that has served me well.

My little brother is Kid Mercury; he loves speed, and is everything I am not; naturally atheletic where I'm studious, quick-wited where I'm contemplative, and we also share in a hair trigger temper, which means we've scrapped more than our fair share over the years. Despite that, I admire his talent and his sheer resourcefulness, which has always been an inspiration for me.

My kid sister is the only member of our family with real patience, which stands to reason as she's probably the smartest of us.

My grandparents are people of rare courage, resourcefulness and honest. They taught me to fight for what I believe in, and helped to cultivate the tenacity I would need to be the best person I could be.

My Uncle Sergio's sense of humor, while it sometimes irked me, helped me learn to cope with the people who would try to tear me down. He has helped me learn not to be bitter at people.

Together, these people instilled in me the values and characteristics that most define who I am and what I stand for. By knowing them, you know me.

This last week at work has been busy, and next week I'll be putting in some OT to get some projects off the ground, so don't expect much blogging until Labour here are a few things I want to talk about

In the last few days, I've watched Phonebooth (good, not great film), and Bowling for Columbine (which really does provide an unique look at American culture, and how it is actually different from Canadian, so I was impressed, and surprisingly, I found it wasn't as one-sided as some people seem to think it is.

The other movie I've watched recently was the classic Gary Cooper movie "High Noon" which is a real treat; a Western that isn't as much about the violence as it is about things like truth, loyalty, and duty. It holds up a lot better than most action flicks, and I can honestly say I was kept in suspense the whole time.

One of the local radio commentators, a fairly conservative (for Canada anyway) pundit was suggesting with all seriousness that he believes that big east coast blackout of last week was the result of a US-black ops operation to test and operate Nikola Tesla's technique of drawing power from the ionosphere. This theory has been supported by the usual net minded who go for the far out theories. I'm not sure I believe this, but on the other hand....well...wouldn't it be very scary if they could do this? Wouldn't that essentially re-write a lot of history books (and possibly knock Edison off of his pedestal as one of the great inventors)? Furthermore, given some of the truly bizarre inventions Tesla claimed to develop in his later life (force fields, death rays, weather control machines, etc.), is it possible that these are therefore in the realm of possiblity? I'm not sure, but I'm going to give it some more thought.


You know, I can't seem to muster up the enjoyment other people are having at Crossgen's problems. While I definitely don't like the company, I'll give them credit them for trying to bring the industry as a whole out of the 19th century by bringing in things like health plans and such. Which has me wondering, given the state of the medium, what is a good business model for the comic industry? In the next few months I plan on taking a closer look at all of the companies, and see if there is a viable model that is out there, and if not, see what would be necessary to create one. Any and all help would be appreciated...

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Sorry, would have posted sooner, but well...blackouts....

Anyway, I thought I would post the comics I'm hoping to sell. If you contact me at by Wednesday, we'll set up shipping and delivery...otherwise I'll post on eBay again....

All prices are in Canadian Dollars, and do NOT include if you see something you like, contact me


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Ultimates Issues 1, 2, 3, 5&6
Price: $10 for the lot. This is below the cover price and one of the best deals you can find!

SUPREME LOT (Must be sold as an entire set - includes Supreme issues written by comics legend ALAN MOORE)
Pre-Moore issues include Supreme #33, 37, 38, 39, 40, and Supreme: Glory Days #2
Alan Moore issues include Supreme #44, 45, 49
Price: $6.00 for the lot, or $0.67 per issue!

AUTHORITY LOT (Must be sold as an entire set – A huge set of one of the industry’s top books collected in one set, with work by superstar writer Mark Millar, and Art from Frank Quitely, this is a deal that must not be missed!)
The Authority Issues 15-18, 20-29 and the Jenny Spark, the Secret history of the Authority Issue #3 featuring Jack Hawksmoor!
Price: $20.00

WOLVERINE SET (Must be sold as an entire set – Includes a collector’s edition Issue#100 with hologram cover)
WOLVERINE issues 91-100, 124, 125
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FLASH LOT (Must be sold as an entire set – a set of Mark Waid’s legendary run on the character, a must have for Waid and Flash fans alike!)
Flash issues 112, 113, 115-118, 142-148, 150, 152-154
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SUPERMAN LOT (Must be sold as an entire set – includes the works of some of the best writers and artist on the Man of Steel today!)
Superman: the 10-cent adventure
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Superman #172
Adventures of Superman # 581
Adventures of Superman # 612
Action Comics # 798
Superman: Kal
Superman: Distant Fires
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Loonie comics (each comic is $1, and can be purchased individually)
Avengers vol. 3 #5 (George Perez art)
Avengers vol. 3 #7 (George Perez art)
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FF: Big Town #1
2099: World of Tomorrow #1
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Contest of Champions II #4
Contest of Champions II #5
Vanguard (Image) #1
Wildcore #4 (Wildstorm/Image)
Wild C.A.T.S Annual#1 (1998, Wildstorm/Image)
Hourman # 9
Hourman #19
The Shadow Annual #1 (DC, 1987)
Nightman #1 (Ultraverse, 1993)
The Spirit #1 (Kitchen Sink Press, 1983)
Sovereign Seven #1 (Chris Claremont, DC)
The Kingdom #1 (Mark Waid)
The Kingdom #2 (Mark Waid)
Uncanny X-Men #340
Uncanny X-Men # 341
X-Men #58
X-Men #59
X-Men #60
X-Men #61
X-Men #98 (Alan Davis Art!)
The CrossOvers #2 (CrossGen Comics)
The CrossOvers #3 (CrossGen Comics)
Sigil #1 (CrossGen Comics)
Sigil #2 (CrossGen Comics)
Sigil #3 (CrossGen Comics)
The Path #15 (CrossGen Comics)
Ruse #11 (CrossGen Comics)

Monday, August 11, 2003

Back for now, depending on how things go, I'll try and post every two or three days.

Had my office party this week. How come things like seeing your boss drunk and shirtless never makes it into "job movies"? This is one of those disturbing images that will haunt me for years to come....

So, the Californa governor elections are on, and the candidates include An-huld, also-ran celebs, activists, and oh, yeah, members of both political parties, though most people seem to be ignoring them. I actually see this as a good thing. Through sheer ignorance and foolishness, these celebs are casting light on a very difficult truth: politicians from the two major parties are very dull, marginal people who don't really represent actual people, but in fact they represent a homoginized humanity that doesn't and couldn't exist. No matter who wins, I suspect the media coverage of this race will help to actually change and improve politics across the Western Hemisphere. After all, in this election, people can actually make A CHOICE for what THEY BELIEVE IN, instead of being stuck with two options no one is crazy about. This means people will actually be fighting over their ideals, and getting people to actually talk and discuss politics, and who knows? Maybe something useful will happen.

In other news, I've been reading internet news on the Chicago comic convention, and in a word: Bleh. If this blandness is news, then is it really a surprise that comics don't sell well? Comicbookgalaxy had an excellent interview with Mark Millar that actually improved my opinion of him. Other than that, I mean, who cares who's writing Iron Man? Oh, Chuck Austen wants comics to have more adult content to reflect the movies based on the comics. While in theory I actually agree with him (and this is a first, folks) one has to realize that he works in an industry in which a call from a retailer to a board member got his boss into serious trouble. Now imagine a parent, who disproves of Captain America saying G*damn going to the retailer, who gives a call or email to a board member, and so on. And this is a very real fear, because what Chuck may not be aware of is that a comic retailer nearly got sent to jail for obscenity charges (Do a search on Jesus Castrillo and the case that was made and won against him in Texas, seemingly contracting the American Freedom of Speech Laws). So, I respectfully ask you, Chuck, what do you think? Are you willing to actually improve your medium to get that kind of freedom back? Because if not, you are just as bad as the "fanboys" you detest so much.

Anyway, here are some made up news items that would have actually made news had they happened at the Wizardcon in Chicago;
1) Kevin Smith rallies comic fans: STAND UP FOR FIRST AMENDMENT - In a daring response to the Texas conviction of Jesus Castrillo, one of the most publically well known comic fans (and comic retailer) Kevin Smith gives a rousing speech at the comic con, urging comic creators and fans alike to speak out against injustice.
2) Katie Couric to Joe Quesada: "Why aren't there better portrayals of women and minorities in comics?" - Katie also talks about a woman being impaled in a recent issue of Captain America, and the general misogyny being found in Modern Marvel Comics.
3) Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison to destroy DC universe, start over - Two of comics' leading writers will destroy the modern DC superhero universe and rebuild it. Both writers give entirely detailed speeches, with Warren covering exactly how he kills each and every hero, and Morrison detailing how their dead remenants restart an alternate universe in an speech that gives the entire crowd migraines. In other news, the revelation that he will have to create a new origin for Hawkman causes writer Geoff Johns to suffer a stroke.
4) Alan Moore summons 20ft snake - devours Paul Levitz, and erases the world's memory of the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" film.
5) Gail Simone - new writer of Avengers and Spectacular Spiderman
6) Producers and Cast of "Farscape" assault producers and cast of "Enterprise" - steal "Enterprise" crew wallets to restart production on wrongly cancelled TV series. Ben Browder to Scott Bakula: "Quantum Leap this!"

Friday, August 08, 2003

Taking a little break from my blogging vacation for today. Tomorrow, two friends of mine, Ian and Laura will be getting married, and I'm just taking the time to wish them the very best. May you enjoy this happy day and the love and hope that springs from your marriage. God Bless.


New blogs will appear by next Thursday

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Well, DUH!

Actually, it's kind of surprising.....just reading Alan David Doane's blog about the San Diego comic convention at Alan's friend commented on the bit of actual commentary that seemed to elude 99.9999% of the other internet people. MINORITIES actually want to buy comics, but the want some damn representation. The blog mentions the lack of black, female, or Latino characters. But hey, why stop there? There's also a serious lack of any Japanese (unless the character is a samurai, which is like having all the Western characters as English knights), Native American, Indian (I met a lot of cool Indian friends at University, and my promise, if I ever get into comics, you will get a non-token character!), and Korean and Chinese, and well...anyone who isn't WHITE. Now I'm a white guy, but I got to admit, man, this sucks. And what really amazes me? You keep trying, heroically, to get the icons YOU DESERVE, after year after year of dissappointment.....well, good luck, and if I can ever help, you let me know.


Friday, August 01, 2003

"No wonder this isn't working"

Ugh...ok, last time I try theme titling.
Thanks to those whom are bidding on my eBay me, you're getting the goods.
I probably won't be blogging as much in the next couple weeks, as I need a bit of a rest. But I will write when I have stuff to write, so keep checking.

My favourite pastimes (no particular order)

1) Martial Arts - because it is a wonderful human expression of movement. And I've lost nearly 2 inches on my waist and a lot of weight. And hey, punching is fun! The philosophy and dedication required to truly succeed in martial arts is what really draws me.
2) Writing - DUH! I wouldn't be writing this blog otherwise. The desire to build universes and people out of the stuff of my own imagination is an interesting form of self-analysis, never mind that when you put it altogether, it takes on so much more than you originally thought it could.
3) Reading/Researching - I'm an info junkie, I love knowledge for it's own sake. Right now, I'm reading up on Hong Kong, geopolitics, and Jeet Kune Do, and if I get some time, Stephen King, Raymond Chandler, and Tennyson. I'm also an avid netsurfer, where I learned about Parkour running among other weird things...

That's all for today. It's a long weekend, and I feel too good to rant...