Sunday, August 24, 2003

This last week at work has been busy, and next week I'll be putting in some OT to get some projects off the ground, so don't expect much blogging until Labour here are a few things I want to talk about

In the last few days, I've watched Phonebooth (good, not great film), and Bowling for Columbine (which really does provide an unique look at American culture, and how it is actually different from Canadian, so I was impressed, and surprisingly, I found it wasn't as one-sided as some people seem to think it is.

The other movie I've watched recently was the classic Gary Cooper movie "High Noon" which is a real treat; a Western that isn't as much about the violence as it is about things like truth, loyalty, and duty. It holds up a lot better than most action flicks, and I can honestly say I was kept in suspense the whole time.

One of the local radio commentators, a fairly conservative (for Canada anyway) pundit was suggesting with all seriousness that he believes that big east coast blackout of last week was the result of a US-black ops operation to test and operate Nikola Tesla's technique of drawing power from the ionosphere. This theory has been supported by the usual net minded who go for the far out theories. I'm not sure I believe this, but on the other hand....well...wouldn't it be very scary if they could do this? Wouldn't that essentially re-write a lot of history books (and possibly knock Edison off of his pedestal as one of the great inventors)? Furthermore, given some of the truly bizarre inventions Tesla claimed to develop in his later life (force fields, death rays, weather control machines, etc.), is it possible that these are therefore in the realm of possiblity? I'm not sure, but I'm going to give it some more thought.


You know, I can't seem to muster up the enjoyment other people are having at Crossgen's problems. While I definitely don't like the company, I'll give them credit them for trying to bring the industry as a whole out of the 19th century by bringing in things like health plans and such. Which has me wondering, given the state of the medium, what is a good business model for the comic industry? In the next few months I plan on taking a closer look at all of the companies, and see if there is a viable model that is out there, and if not, see what would be necessary to create one. Any and all help would be appreciated...

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