Saturday, August 02, 2003

Well, DUH!

Actually, it's kind of surprising.....just reading Alan David Doane's blog about the San Diego comic convention at Alan's friend commented on the bit of actual commentary that seemed to elude 99.9999% of the other internet people. MINORITIES actually want to buy comics, but the want some damn representation. The blog mentions the lack of black, female, or Latino characters. But hey, why stop there? There's also a serious lack of any Japanese (unless the character is a samurai, which is like having all the Western characters as English knights), Native American, Indian (I met a lot of cool Indian friends at University, and my promise, if I ever get into comics, you will get a non-token character!), and Korean and Chinese, and well...anyone who isn't WHITE. Now I'm a white guy, but I got to admit, man, this sucks. And what really amazes me? You keep trying, heroically, to get the icons YOU DESERVE, after year after year of dissappointment.....well, good luck, and if I can ever help, you let me know.


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