Friday, August 01, 2003

"No wonder this isn't working"

Ugh...ok, last time I try theme titling.
Thanks to those whom are bidding on my eBay me, you're getting the goods.
I probably won't be blogging as much in the next couple weeks, as I need a bit of a rest. But I will write when I have stuff to write, so keep checking.

My favourite pastimes (no particular order)

1) Martial Arts - because it is a wonderful human expression of movement. And I've lost nearly 2 inches on my waist and a lot of weight. And hey, punching is fun! The philosophy and dedication required to truly succeed in martial arts is what really draws me.
2) Writing - DUH! I wouldn't be writing this blog otherwise. The desire to build universes and people out of the stuff of my own imagination is an interesting form of self-analysis, never mind that when you put it altogether, it takes on so much more than you originally thought it could.
3) Reading/Researching - I'm an info junkie, I love knowledge for it's own sake. Right now, I'm reading up on Hong Kong, geopolitics, and Jeet Kune Do, and if I get some time, Stephen King, Raymond Chandler, and Tennyson. I'm also an avid netsurfer, where I learned about Parkour running among other weird things...

That's all for today. It's a long weekend, and I feel too good to rant...


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