Friday, February 13, 2009

Obey your master!

Look, it's as simple as this:

If you supported the Superhuman Registration Act and the Initiative when Tony Stark was running things, you should be supporting Norman Osborn without hesitation. In point of fact, you should be CHEERING HIM ON.

Why, you may ask?
Well, has the Registration Act itself changed? No.
Has the need for superhumans to be registered and overseen by the law changed? No.

So, for those of you who supported the Registration, well, nothing's changed. Except the guy on top.

Well, let's compare, shall we?

"Norman Osborn is brining unrepentant criminals into the Initiative! He's going to be in charge of an army of supervillains!"

As opposed to Tony Stark, who was the one who actually brought unrepentant criminals such as Bullseye, Taskmaster, Venom, and Norman Osborn into the mix to begin with. Please try again.

Norman Osborn made a secret pact with a group of powerful criminals!

Right. And Tony and his group of super-secret friends who killed a bunch of Skrulls and kidnapped and shot the Hulk into space are not at all the same kind of thing. Except it is.
Norman Osborn has an agenda and bends and distorts the rules for his own ends!

And so did Tony every time he didn't go after the New Avengers. Or Spider-Man. Or Daredevil. If Tony can make exceptions, so can Norman.
The Initiative is corrupt and will fail because of Norman Osborn!

OK, well, fine, you say. But it doesn't change the fact that Tony is a decent man, and Norman a corrupt one. Well, as far as that is concerned, I'll let Nighthawk speak for me.

Do you understand now? If all it took was one man to turn the Initiative from a "good idea" to a "bad idea", then IT WAS ALWAYS A BAD IDEA. This was the reason commonly brought against Doom and Magneto: sure they could make Earth a paradise; as long as they were alive. After them, it would all fall apart. So making the Initiative and the SHRA dependent on any one man, no matter how noble, meant that it was fatally flawed from its very inception.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick note on Requests from Commenters

JLbarnett Asks:"the third choice is ALWAYS fake right? I'm curious what Iron Man and Wolverine's Best are."


Phil Watts Jr, a regular here, asks if I'll do a month-by-month, blow-by-blow analysis of the post "Brand New Day" Spider-man books.
I might try to gloss over the main points (The big failures, the clear misteps, the occassional spot of something interesting, and the undeniable fact that there's not one of these stories that couldn't have been told with Mary Jane that would have been just as good if not better) in a post or two when I have more time, but I'm not going to go into details because I'm not sure what it would accomplish, and at the end of the day, I don't want to have to look at stuff from those books because they are completely forgettable at best, or brain-bleedingly awful at worst.
But, if you want some ideas of my other plans for the future:
-I'm going to explain, quite clearly, that if you were pro-Initiative during Tony Stark's tenure, you have no business quiting now that Norman Osborn is in charge, and that by doing so, you are finally admitting that the entire SHRA and the Initiative were completely, totally, WRONG.
-I'm going to talk about comics outside Marvel/DC that deserve your money, your praise, and word of mouth. Comics that deserve to exist after Marvel and DC have fallen by the wayside into the dumpster.
-Two Words (Sorta): PS238 month. Oh yes.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rapid Fire Random Thoughts

Completely random posters and thoughts here:

-Does anyone else find it weird that the Hulk has 2-3 biological children (Skaar, the Thundra "Savage She-Hulk", and maybe the new female Scorpion) and he knows about none of them? I mean, ok, Mar-Vell has about the same luck, but at least in his case, two of his three kids were conceived after his death.

-Marvel fans prefer Bucky Barnes to Steve Rogers as Captain America? Are you fucking kidding me?

-Back in 2004, I predicted that the last issue of Planetary wouldn't see print until 2009. It appears that may have been too optimistic.

-By the way, anyone think any of the Wildstorm Super-books are going to make past this year? Anyone want to put money on that?

-If the Objective of Dark Reign is to make me feel sympathy for Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Maria Hill or any of the Pro-Registration people, then sorry, but I don't. And any of you "Tony Was Right" people? You should suck it up and get behind Norman Osborn.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

1993 sure had our number, didn't they?

Saw some scans of an old "Marvel: The Year In Review" article from 1993. My reactions :