Thursday, July 31, 2003

"Wonder and Majesty"

Ok, I'm running out of ways to use "Wonder" in the title.

My favourite comedians

1) Glenn Foster - A great Canadian comic who's observations are uniquely Canadian, and as such, are underappreciated.
2) Dennis Leary - The granddaddy of snarky, pissed off comedians.
3) Dennis Miller - Now, I don't want to go of on a rant here, but ever since Miller became an apologist for the Bush Administration, he's lost a lot of respect. It's obvious that his terror with what happened at 9-11 shook him like a mixmaster in a mosh pit, but that's no excuse for becoming one of the mindless drones, all right? That's just my opinion, I could be wrong

-Stupid name calling
All right, so Chuck Austen has offically called anyone who has critiqued him as a jealous troll. Pal, I've seen your picture, and trust me, I've got nothing to be jealous of. However, if you feel the need to continue taunting fans like the class bully, then I'll just treat you like one. Anytime, any place Chuck, I'm calling you out, because I think I stand a pretty good chance of beating your ass. Email and we'll set this up. Personally, I have never read your stuff outside the four page previews at Comics Continuum, and well, I've never gotten past page 3 of anything you've ever penned. Beyond that, this will be the last time I mention your name, Chuck, because like any bully, you just aren't worth any more of my precious time, and neither is anything you write.

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