Tuesday, July 29, 2003

"Awe and wonder"

In keeping with my theme of favourites for the week

My Favourite TV shows (in no particular order)

1) Farscape - this show was a fun, wild, insane ride that was cut-off too soon by myopic business interests. Thought provoking and interesting, I couldn't help but relate to Crichton's humour (though at times bordering on madness) in dealing with things so far from his experience and trying to relate them to things he remembered from his lost home. And it was a fun adventure, nearly perfect if you don't count the fact that it ended on a poor cliffhanger.
2) Futurama - Using "the future" to parallel modern-day issues used to be Star Trek's deal, before it became too smaltzy and drama-based. This was a humorous take on the future and how science and science-fiction tend to give results that we don't expect. Again, cancelled by myopic business interests.
3) ALF - As a kid, I could relate to being the odd member of the family, and so ALF was a natural escape for me. Even as I watch re-runs I notice how well it holds up, and without the excess of shock and sex that more modern comedies are forced to rely on. Cancelled by myopic business interests (Anyone ELSE Seeing a pattern here?)
4) Babylon 5 - NOT cancelled by myopic business interests, but just barely. A sci-fi novel/opera brought in full detail to TV by Joe Michael Straczynski. It's a pity that the sequel series Crusade degenerated the way it did.
5) Smallville - A guilty pleasure, I admit, but it's probably the best interpretation of Superman being made today, because it isn't in the comics. It's a coming of age tale that seeks to reinforce a truly weird idea; Right making Might, instead of the other way around.


OK, so DC comics (Superman/Batman) are swiping writers from Marvel (Spiderman/X-Men)...well let's take a look at some of Marvel's "A-List" and see what the likely results are

- Brian Michael Bendis - OK, this one's easy. There is NO WAY on Earth Marvel can afford to let this guy go. He writes, what, five of their books? If he goes, Marvel's crown jewel, the Ultimate line, crashes. If they are that stupid, well, they deserve to go the way of the dino. He's staying.
- Mark Millar - Hmmm....it seems he has a grudge (perhaps rightfully so, given what happened to the Authority) with Levitz. And he seems to be happy at Marvel. He's staying.
- Peter David - At the end of the day, I'm more a fan of Peter's novels than his comics, but that being said, he's still one of the top writers. I suspect that he'll remain a freelancer unless Marvel pushes him too far. Very few people really can tell him what to do and expect to get away with it. Freelancer.
- Joe Michael Straczynski - He's already said no. He's staying. That's probably a good thing, because while I'm a huge Babylon 5 fan, his comics work has been....so-so. Staying.
- Dan Jurgens - Outside of his work on Thor the only other things he does are The T&A Top Cow books. Freelancer.
- Gail Simone - She will probably remain freelance unless DC gives her a high-profile project outside her "Birds of Prey" work, which doesn't seem too likely at the moment. However, I expect she'll rise through the ranks at Marvel and probably end up with a few good projects. Freelancer.
- Christopher Priest - When the Crew gets cancelled, which it most likely will, my suspicision is that Priest would be good at revitalizing a lot of DC's superhero properties (such as the rumoured Milestone line) or doing his own politically charged work for a Vertigo or Wildstorm title. Likely to leave.
- Garth Ennis - Rich Johnston's rumor mill suggest a few weeks back that Garth would end up on "Ultimate X-Men". Now, given Mark Millar's comments of a few days ago, change "Ultimate" to "New" and it might sound a little better. He'll stay with Marvel for the moment.
- Paul Jenkins - Same as Jurgens, one Marvel book, and a lot of T&A at other companies. Freelancer.
- Brian K. Vaughn - His big project is at DC, in their Vertigo imprint, and his Marvel book isn't a sales buster, but I think he'll keep using both playgrounds. Freelancer.
- Bruce Jones - Honestly can't say that much one way or the other, but I doubt that they have a replacement for him for The Hulk. He'll stay.
- Pete Milligan + Mike Allred - If X-Statics goes, so do they. End of story. Freelancers.
- Chris Claremont - Will remain a freelancer, and stick with his one X-title, and a little project here and there. Freelancer with one permanent job.
- Greg Rucka - Freelance. He's still committed to his Queen and Country Work.
- Tom DeFalco - I admire the guy for fighting for his baby, Spider-Girl, against hopless odds. While not a big name talent, and I personally still have a bone or three to pick about his "Fantastic Four" work, I have to say I've softened up on the guy in years, as he's shown he can write entertaining comics, something the last two on this list don't have a clue about. He'll stay until they finally kill "Spider-Girl".
- Frank Tieri - This guy should not be allowed to work outside Marvel. Staying.
- Chuck Austen - Hearing that he has a Superman project really soured the milk for me as far as yesterday's bout of good Superman news went. Chuck doesn't deserve lick Grant Morrison's shoes, never mind the fact that he should never have gotten into comics in the first place. I just hope that his "Superman" project is a sequel to his "Metropolis" because I don't think I want him anywhere near one of the monthlies. GET A CLUE: This guy is BAD BAD BAD. I have a 10-yr old cousin who could plot a better comic using only the letters from his alphabet soup!


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