Sunday, July 06, 2003

Going to be busy studying for my belt test this week, so posts will be infrequent.

Listening to a Crimestopper's radio commercial "Fighting Crime is everyone's business. That doesn't mean you have to patrol the streets with the police..."

Why do I have the nagging feeling that this was added because some idiot decided to play vigilante and claimed that Crimestoppers inspired him? Or is it just that the language is a little too suggestive.

Do we as a society have to be told not to do dangerous and possibly stupid things? I mean, there is the odd moron, but doesn't this insult your intelligence? Do you need to be told not to become a costumed crimefighter? I mean, I've got the trenchcoat and the ninja weapons handy, but I'm not ready to start my superhero career yet.

Michael Paciocco

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