Tuesday, July 15, 2003

OK, on the advice of a friend I've decided not to do a "week of rage" but to temper it with other things....but that doesn't mean I'm not going to let off some steam....

First, a few notes;
Tonite's reading : DC: One Million miniseries + tie-ins - Grant Morrison's opus for DC comics...this miniseries and the tie-ins were filled with a sense of unbridled awe and wonder that DC comics has been unable to instill in me for many years. The imagination, humor, and thought required to construct this "event" is a scale to which Morrison never before or since has managed to attain.
Tonite's listening: Titan AE soundtrack - an impressive compiliation from a tragically under-appreciated film.

Anywho, like everyone, I have enemies, and people and things that quite frankly, have been a negative part of my life. The quick list

The Rogues Gallery

1) the Bush Administration - for disrupting a rare and beautiful moment of global unity for reasons that are nebulous at best, and nefarious at worst. You had a chance to make the world a lot better, and the fact that you've squandered that chance makes the world resent you all the more.
2) the French Government - in their own way, they are just as bad as the Bush Administration. They should have negotiated joining in the Iraq effort in exchange for the U.S. to recognize the UN World Court, thus squarely putting the US in the realm of international law for any war crimes it may commit. Again, a remarkable opportunity lost to stupid posturing.
3) the Space Program's catatonia - folks, someone has to revive the space program, because I fear for humanity the day we set a limit for ourselves.
4) Justin/Brittiney/Cristina/whatever - manufactured life-size dolls should not be making this much noise, nor should they be occupying any real amount of time of any young person.
5) my Ex-boss from GM - who made the first half of 2001 living hell for me, and I know that there will be a reckoning for him.
6) the Sci-Fi Channel - for cancelling the inventive, mad, and fun series FARSCAPE, and replacing it with crud like Tremors the Series and Scare Tactics? WHAT?

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