Saturday, July 05, 2003

Getting to know me

Hope I'm doing this right, as I'm virtually computer illiterate. Excuse any weird stuff.

Here's a few of the more frequent things I'll be discussing as this blog continues

1) Comics: I'll take some time to discuss the medium, and a few of the notables in it.
2) Politics: I'll be focusing on American and Canadian politics, and probably more often than not, ranting a bit.
3) Movies, Music, Pop culture: Just under the general category of things I like
4) Martial Arts: I'm still a student, but I like to talk about what I've learned
5) Philosophy and Literature: I read A LOT, even outside of the comics. Some junk, some classics.
6) Space exploration and technology: I honestly can't say I have enough info sources on what is going on, so I appreciate the help getting connected on this.

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