Saturday, July 26, 2003

Been a bad week, just going to get a few things off my chest.

1) Someone at WB wants to have Ashton Kutcher (Kelso from "That 70's show") as either Batman or Superman for their next superhero movie. Their reasoning? It'll get teenage girls to go see the movie. Now, either my opinion of teenage girls is a lot higher than it should be, or WB is full of fucking idiots. Point one: Superheroes are geared towards an adolescent male power fantasy. Period. Trying to get girls to like that is like trying to cast Harrison Ford into a Barbie movie; it doesn't work. Point two: Just because a "hearthrob" is in it does not mean that teenage girls will flock to it; the movie should actually be fucking watchable, understand? You want to get teenage girls to watch a Superman movie? It's simple; remind the audience that at the end of the day, Superman can lift a fricking aircraft carrier, but Lois is his equal because she'll fight just as hard for what she believes in. You want a mind-blowing take on the Superman Mythos? Write it from Lois' perspective. That'll get teenage girls if you do a half decent job.

2) Bad Day: Got told by a girl I was interested in not to bother. In her words, "You're a nice guy, and you'll meet a really nice girl. I'm just too messed up right now." So you mean that the fact that I'm not screwed up means that I'm screwed up? Welcome to the Catch-22 that is my dating life. In this town, you have to be drunk as a skunk, high as a kite, smoke like a chimney and be a total loser to get a date. Well, looks like "Mr. Nice Guy" isn't working, let's start kicking people's dogs in public places. That'll get me a date. Sorry, that was just a bit over the top. It just seems like I can't find a nice girl in this town who wants someone like me, I guess I'm just not the dangerous type.

3) Self Loathing here: I was in the music store when I think I saw the only girl I ever fell for. It's been five years, so I couldn't be sure, if it was her, she had changed, but then so did I. I couldn't bring myself to go to make sure. This was a girl I failed; I wasn't strong enough, and I blame myself for not being what she really needed; a friend. I know she never felt that way about me; but we had a good friendship, and I made like an idiot, and fell for her, and didn't even have the guts to tell her. And this is what it's come to.

4) Bought The Chinese Connection on DVD; Good movie, in some ways superior to Enter the Dragon because it has a moral center and a dilemna that ultimately violence doesn't solve.

Talk to you later,


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