Monday, July 28, 2003

"Something Wonderful"

Just thought I'd spend some time to share with you some of my favourite things during the course of this week, along with some rants, so here goes

Comics I'm reading these days
1) Planetary - Easily Warren Ellis' best work, this is equal parts conspiracy story, detective yarn, and moral play about the power of the imagination to change the world and what it takes for people to use that power wisely.
2) Fantastic Four - I've been hooked on FF since I was 4 yrs old, and Reed Richards inspired my interested in science and was probably ultimately responsible for my decision to become an engineer. While I won't be getting any new issues after Mark Waid is gone, this remains my favourite comic of all time.
3) Empire - Anyone who thinks Mark Waid is just a sappy optimist should pick up this book, as he has created a terrifying and darkly humourous look at the "villian rules the world" story. It chilled me to see the detail in his writing of this dark story.
4) Invincible - On the other hand, this lighthearted take on "Son of Superman" is great fun, and has the sense of wonder that superhero comics seem to have lost.
5) Sleeper - Fans of the T.V. Show 24 should be getting this, as it is a gritty spy tale that will appeal to them.
6) The Forgotten - I had to order these comics directly from the independent publisher in Philidelphia, but it was worth it for this nifty supernatural mystery worth of "The Sixth Sense"

-Watched the VH1 Top 200 popculture icons. This thing was taken with a modern, 20 something perspective, because there is NO WAY that JFK Jr. had a bigger impact than his Father. One was the president during a major global crisis, the other had a magazine. Are we clear?

-OK, for you comic fans,
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