Friday, July 11, 2003

"I'm not going to stop until you're a greasy smear on my fist."

Strong language for a boy scout. Saw the Justice League primiere "Twilight" (taped it, finally got around to watching it). This is how you clearly show that Superman is not some pushover wimp who could easily be defeated with just some green rocks. I don't think he' been portrayed this well in comics in years. Between Smallville showing the human side and Justice League showing the action, there is almost no need for the comics whatsoever (at some later date I'll go through the very few Superman comics that exist).

In other news, I'm going for my yellow belt test tonite. Wish me luck.

Oh, Ms. Rice, you say that the CIA OK'ed what you said about Uranium? Is this before or after you pressured them to show a link to justify the invasion plan that was whipped before Sept. 11? Just asking.

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