Wednesday, July 30, 2003

"Wonders beyond the imagination..."

Back to this week's theme, I'm going discuss some of my favourite music, because narrowing it down to a few songs and CDs is nearly impossible for me

1) Classical - Beethoven and Mozart and Holst and Handel, oh my! This stuff carries true human emotion, and SOUL in it, with a power and majesty that cannot be matched in a 5 minute pop tune.
2) Modern Music - My taste here is eclectic; I liked Martin Page's House of Stone and Light for it's sense of mysticism, and I like bits and pieces of Live and Collective Soul and a few other bands.
3) Canadian Music - I'm a homegrown guy at heart. Great Big Sea has long ago surpased most other contemporary music by connecting me with my Canadian heritage. Tragically Hip is also tied deeply to my heritage, so I feel that they are something of a cultural institution.
4) Soundtracks - whether they be pop tunes (Titan A.E. )or instrumental (Gladiator), I tend to end up liking the soundtracks better than the movies, as it is the music that really transforms and helps to create emotional content in the movie.
5) Parody - I love Weird Al Yankovic, who doesn't?


- If you've seen the posts below, you can see I'm not thrilled with the idea of a brain dead living fart like Chuck Austen writing the second biggest popculture icon (Superman). I don't think he has anything of value to say about the character, hell, I don't thing he has anything of value to say about ANY CHARACTER IN ANY MEDIA. I'm sorry Chuck, I'm sure you're a nice guy, but as a writer, well....ugh.
- Looks like I still have no bids for the comics I'm selling on Ebay
Here's the link

Take a chance, trust me, I've got a lot of good stuff up for grabs, but you need to hurry.

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