Sunday, August 17, 2003

Sorry, would have posted sooner, but well...blackouts....

Anyway, I thought I would post the comics I'm hoping to sell. If you contact me at by Wednesday, we'll set up shipping and delivery...otherwise I'll post on eBay again....

All prices are in Canadian Dollars, and do NOT include if you see something you like, contact me


ULTIMATES LOT (Must be sold as an entire set – Mark Millar writing, Bryan Hitch illustrating one of the best comics on the market today!)
Ultimates Issues 1, 2, 3, 5&6
Price: $10 for the lot. This is below the cover price and one of the best deals you can find!

SUPREME LOT (Must be sold as an entire set - includes Supreme issues written by comics legend ALAN MOORE)
Pre-Moore issues include Supreme #33, 37, 38, 39, 40, and Supreme: Glory Days #2
Alan Moore issues include Supreme #44, 45, 49
Price: $6.00 for the lot, or $0.67 per issue!

AUTHORITY LOT (Must be sold as an entire set – A huge set of one of the industry’s top books collected in one set, with work by superstar writer Mark Millar, and Art from Frank Quitely, this is a deal that must not be missed!)
The Authority Issues 15-18, 20-29 and the Jenny Spark, the Secret history of the Authority Issue #3 featuring Jack Hawksmoor!
Price: $20.00

WOLVERINE SET (Must be sold as an entire set – Includes a collector’s edition Issue#100 with hologram cover)
WOLVERINE issues 91-100, 124, 125
Price: $10.00, less than a dollar per issue!

FLASH LOT (Must be sold as an entire set – a set of Mark Waid’s legendary run on the character, a must have for Waid and Flash fans alike!)
Flash issues 112, 113, 115-118, 142-148, 150, 152-154
Price: $10.00

SUPERMAN LOT (Must be sold as an entire set – includes the works of some of the best writers and artist on the Man of Steel today!)
Superman: the 10-cent adventure
Superman #159
Superman # 166 (With enhanced foil cover)
Superman #172
Adventures of Superman # 581
Adventures of Superman # 612
Action Comics # 798
Superman: Kal
Superman: Distant Fires
Price: $9.00

Loonie comics (each comic is $1, and can be purchased individually)
Avengers vol. 3 #5 (George Perez art)
Avengers vol. 3 #7 (George Perez art)
JSA: The Unholy Three #2
FF: Big Town #1
2099: World of Tomorrow #1
The Kree-Skrull War Staring the Avengers#1 (Reprinting Avengers vol.1 # 93 and 94)
Captain America, Vol. 3 #33
Captain America, Vol. 3 #50
Fury/Agent 13 #1
Fury/Agent 13 #2
Contest of Champions II #2
Contest of Champions II #3
Contest of Champions II #4
Contest of Champions II #5
Vanguard (Image) #1
Wildcore #4 (Wildstorm/Image)
Wild C.A.T.S Annual#1 (1998, Wildstorm/Image)
Hourman # 9
Hourman #19
The Shadow Annual #1 (DC, 1987)
Nightman #1 (Ultraverse, 1993)
The Spirit #1 (Kitchen Sink Press, 1983)
Sovereign Seven #1 (Chris Claremont, DC)
The Kingdom #1 (Mark Waid)
The Kingdom #2 (Mark Waid)
Uncanny X-Men #340
Uncanny X-Men # 341
X-Men #58
X-Men #59
X-Men #60
X-Men #61
X-Men #98 (Alan Davis Art!)
The CrossOvers #2 (CrossGen Comics)
The CrossOvers #3 (CrossGen Comics)
Sigil #1 (CrossGen Comics)
Sigil #2 (CrossGen Comics)
Sigil #3 (CrossGen Comics)
The Path #15 (CrossGen Comics)
Ruse #11 (CrossGen Comics)

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