Sunday, August 24, 2003

A different topic entirely....

I've decided to drop all mentions of comics and popculture for the next few blogs, because I've noticed that I've been talking about it far more than I really wanted to. The only exception will be when I talk about the Weird Al Concert I'm going to in a few days...

What I'm going to talk about for the next few posts: My heroes.

So to start

My family

My father and mother just celebrated their 27th anniversary this last Thursday, and it reminded me of how much I owe to them and the rest of my family. While no amount of words can truly express how I feel about them, I felt a little bit of homage is appropriate.

My father taught me the value of a limitless imagination and of the value of different perspectives. Unfortunately, I also inherited a good deal of his absent-mindedness, but we try to not let it deter us.

From my mother, I developed a very fine sense of right and wrong, and an idealism that occassionally gets me into trouble, but that has served me well.

My little brother is Kid Mercury; he loves speed, and is everything I am not; naturally atheletic where I'm studious, quick-wited where I'm contemplative, and we also share in a hair trigger temper, which means we've scrapped more than our fair share over the years. Despite that, I admire his talent and his sheer resourcefulness, which has always been an inspiration for me.

My kid sister is the only member of our family with real patience, which stands to reason as she's probably the smartest of us.

My grandparents are people of rare courage, resourcefulness and honest. They taught me to fight for what I believe in, and helped to cultivate the tenacity I would need to be the best person I could be.

My Uncle Sergio's sense of humor, while it sometimes irked me, helped me learn to cope with the people who would try to tear me down. He has helped me learn not to be bitter at people.

Together, these people instilled in me the values and characteristics that most define who I am and what I stand for. By knowing them, you know me.


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