Thursday, October 23, 2003

Rapid fire:

-on Rush's addiction: It's a sad thing that it should happen to anyone. On the other hand, I sincerely hope (though I realize it is most likely in vain) that this experience opens that tiny mind of his.

-on Bush: and it gets dumber and dumber and dumber. Practicing "Son of Reaganomics" plus "Son of Star Wars" plus "Son of the Ministry of Truth" plus "Son of War without End" = an incredibly messed up country. Let's get this straight one more time, YOU CANNOT CUT TAXES AND RAISE MILITARY SPENDING WITHOUT CREATING CRIPPLING DEBT. This is basic economic theory. Nevermind the open lawlessness and treason this government is a willing participant to.

-The "Black Lightning" issue - Moronic. Chasing away minority readership by destroying every decent minority character in mainstream comics. Yeah, and you wonder why we're seeing decreasing readership. Oh, and great way to beat up on Tony Isabella, a decent human being who commited the crime of actually creating a character you feel the need to debase for any number of stupid reasons.

-The "Avengers Sex" issue - Who the hell reads "Avengers" since Busiek left anyway? Who cares? And let's face it, I have no doubt that C.A. will top it once his 'run' starts.

-The new Spiderman cartoon : Nifty.

-Waid back on the FF: Old news, but I didn't respond to it yet. Good reversal, Marvel....thought like Alan, I doubt Waid will be on for more than a year.

-Other comic stuff: I don't care. I'm getting the latest issue of Planetary next week, and that's really all I care about

-Future plans: I'm doing some research on some ideas for another degree, plus some job searching and networking besides. I'm starting to realize that the future is open for me. The sad part is that it may force me from my home and I know that it will crush my family, whom were quite used to the idea that I would have a career here in my hometown.

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