Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Question for the people at Marvel

You DO realize you've turned Spider-Man into Osama Bin Laden, right?

Let's consider the facts, shall we?

1) He was at one point a protege of the head of the Initiative, and was equipped by them.

2) He had a falling out with them over policy

3) He's universally hated and reviled

4) He's thought of as dumb and an underachiever, despite having evaded the Initiative's "Best and Brightest" on at least a half dozen occasions

5) He made a deal with the Devil.

Seems pretty conclusive doesn't it? But here we are, and by your own editorial edict we are being asked to accept that

A) Tony was right and the Initiative is a good thing that makes everything better!
B) Peter Parker is a likable guy and a true blue hero.

It must take an impressive amount of cognitive dissonance to be a Marvel fan these days. Thank god I'm not one of them.


Suzene said...

Sadlly, managing to detach myself from most of the characters I used to utterly adore is a good thing for both my blood pressure and my wallet these days.

MrCynical said...

True, but I can't help but feel

1)That it's sad that it takes this to drive us away from these characters
2)That this dreck is what passes for "heroism" or "good storytelling"