Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pick the best caption!


PlanetNiles said...

"Super Fans" FTW :)

Phil Watts, Jr. said...

Hey---I have an idea.

Since you're such a big fan of 'EARTH-Brand New Day' that Spidey is in, how about a series of posters called BRAND NEW DAY: ONE YEAR LATER. Now that they reached their lowest number since the Mackie/Byrne era (62,979), it's time to have some fun at their expence.

You can have as much fun as you want: the failed attempts at new characters, the new villians that didn't get over, the new girlfriends that didn't get over, the failed attempts at adding HIPNESS to the book, their botching of the return of Mary Jane, the many writers that made themselves look STUPID while defending this garbage (Mark Waid, Roger Stern, Guggenheim), the fact that even BARACK OBAMA couldn't save them...and the fact that they are about to lose Norman Osborne the same way they lost Kingpin.