Saturday, August 08, 2009

Might as well get this started...

Alright, so I'm thinking of doing an end-of-the-year "Best Comics of the Decade: 2000-2009" post and I'd like to hear your thoughts. I'm going to break it down as follows
What kind of comics? - I'll break it down in terms of series (limited or ongoing), runs by a particular creator/creative team, and of course, Graphic Novels. Any company or entity can apply, except webcomics, which I only exclude because I'm not nearly well versed enough to talk about them. The only other rule is that that they have to be from the 2000-2009 timeframe. No exceptions on this one.
Division of Categories:
The Best - Simply put, those comics that are going to pass the test of time and still be viewed as examples of the very best of a genre, format, or medium as you see it. (I.e. I would put All-Star Superman and Kurt Busiek's Arrowsmith on this list)
The Good - those that are good (if not perfect) examples of what comics can do, but that you aren't sure are the absolute "best of the best" (The Surrogates and Sleeper might fit in here, in my mind, to give two examples).
Of Their Times - Now, this might be a bit of a controversial category, as it will probably end up promoting a lot of bad comics as well as good ones. In the same way you can look at X-Force vol. 1 #1 or Spawn#1 and say "yep, that's the 90s!" - what comics do you think you're going to look back at ten years from now and say "Oh that's so 2000s!" (also, man, it's going to be hard to name this decades - are we really going to call it "the Aughts"?). For my money, my starting list right now includes Identity Crisis, Ultimates Vol. 1 and 2, and Black Summer.
I'm going to leave this post up for at least a week, so I want to hear your comments, thoughts, and suggestions as to what books belong in what categories. Go nuts.

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