Friday, February 12, 2010

Comic Couples: Scott and Barda

This is a relationship that I think should be impossible for any competent comic writer to do wrong. It's a classic story of star-crossed lovers, and how they each make each other better.

Now, I know what you're thinking - "Wait, but isn't that onesided? After all, Scott turned Barda free of the Furies, what did she do to improve him?"

And the answer is simple: the fact that Scott realized that he was even capable of love while being raised on APOKALIPS was part of what elevated him to escape it. If you get that, then you get Barda's contribution. Now granted that's a little circular and it runs the risk of making Barda a trophy or prize, but I argue that her display of sheer resoluteness inspired his own. His own mind gave him the way to escape, but she showed him how to get the will to do it.

Now, before I put up the final two couples, I'm going to address a couple of obvious criticisms:

1) Why only Big Two comic couples? I recently went over some of the non-Big Two comics I liked just recently, and hey, Love and Capes is great. Can't say enough about it, and I'll probably say more over time, so...yeah, that's my reasoning.
2) Why are there no non-hetero comic couples on the list? This is a valid criticism in my mind, and I apologize profusely. The reason I couldn't is twofold; most non-hetero comic couples haven't gotten a lot of attention (with the possible exception of Apollo and Midnighter) so there aren't a lot of good images for me to posterize. The other problem is that with the limited exposure they've had, there haven't been a lot of good stories ABOUT said relationships. But I happen to like the Phyla-Vell/Moondragon romance in Guardians of the Galaxy quite a bit, it just hasn't produced a good image for me to make.

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