Thursday, February 24, 2011

All that needs to be said

So, this is my small little tribute to the loss of both Joanne Siegel (wife of Superman co-Creator Jerry) and Dwayne McDuffie (great writer person and generally awesome human being). If I might wax a bit philosophical, it's interesting that these two represent, in large respect, the Never-Ending Battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Whether it was Joanne, fighting for continued creators' rights in the comics field, or McDuffie's passionate struggle to bring social justice, diversity, and awareness to a medium that is too often and too easily increasingly whitewashed, we lost two great examples of what human beings aspire to.

And that's the real loss to us. My deepest sympathies to their friends and families, whom have lost so much more.

A final note, I realize I haven't been around much. I'm going to try to find some time in the next couple weeks here to get some more posters made, some more blogposts up, and to change up the links in my sidebar and update some of that stuff. So until then, apologies and my asking for patience.


Tom said...

A nice tribute, man. I will not jump on the McDuffie bandwagon after his death and say I loved his stuff, because honestly I did not read much of it. It was not until after I heard he died and learned about his television credits that he was in large part responsible for Justice League Unlimited's level of quality. Sometimes you do not realize how important someone is to you until after they have gone.

MrCynical said...

Understandable. See, I did follow him - actually it was his JLU stuff that got me to read his Icon and other Milestone stuff, which reads as so far ahead of their time it's not funny. His FF run was good stuff too.

Phil Watts, Jr. said...

In my opinion, the DC animated universe IS the DC Universe...and because McDuffie was a part of that, I salute him.

It just sucks that his JLA run wasn't nearly as good as what he did in Justice League Unlimited, partially because 1) he had to follow behind whatever Super/Mega/Meta-fictional Event Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison were doing, and 2) he was saddled with an artist who was more concerned with competing with Frank Cho in a "How Much ASS Can I Draw In One Single Book" contest. DC should've just given McDuffie the keys just like they did Johns and Morrison.