Sunday, March 06, 2011


Quick bits of catching up:

1) Hey! I won a little contest over at Progressive Ruin! Go check out the exclusive poster there!

2) Legendary comic blogger/Dr. Strange fan (and source of several Dr. Strange posters) Neilalien has decided to step away from blogging a bit. Wishing you well!

3) Updated the blogroll on the sidebar. Welcom to Pogue's Run, Beware of Geek, and the Way of the Word! Check them all out!


Tom said...

You know, as much as I have loved ripping on Stark in the past, the guy seems to get all the heat for what The Illuminati had done over the past few years. Black Bolt gets a pass because it is hard to say how much was him and how much was his Skrull stand in, and now he is dead so it is hard to dump on him. And Xavier was smart enough to bow out on the Hulk decision.

But the rest, especially Richards, is largely as culpable as Stark for a lot of the nonsense that went on. Strange took a powder, for example, and by choosing not to take a side he still made a choice. Richards had a hand in creating Clor.

I just think there is not enough heat being passed around, that's all. Everyone still loves Richards despite his blatant stupidity.

MrCynical said...

Your comment is certainly valid. But I think what set Tony apart from the others was his confidence, bordering on arrogance, and the fact that he took a position of power in every decision. Who should run the SHRA? Might as well be me! Who should get the Illuminati together? Might as well be me. Realize that we're talking about perception though. Reed and Tony both had their "I have grave doubts" moments, but because Reed in no direct way profited from Civil War, he's given a bit more of a pass than Tony.

Tom said...

Those are pretty valid points. Stark's arrogance certainly does place him a step above the rest of the Illuminati.

It is still frustrating that the guy gets a five year mind wipe and essentially a pass for all the crap he pulled. Did they blame everything on Extremis or something?

Gawd, I hate Millar. Just bears repeating.