Thursday, September 04, 2003

Odds and ends

Other important heroes:

-Sanjay Singh: A good, if annoying, man, whom directly challenges me, and constantly reminds me to keep my mind open.

-Jon Smith: Simply the best moral compass you will ever find.

News and events:

-Went to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert last week, and while I guess everyone has different opinions on what songs are his best, and which ones he should perform, I have to admit that he puts on a damn good show, and he consistently entertaining, amusing, and well, I know I bust a gut or two during his faux Eminem interview (on a side note, maybe this is how FOX NEWS does their interviews?). And one has to credit his innovation, it takes a special type of skill to fit the entire plot of the Phantom Menace into the 4 minutes of "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" without missing a beat, and to do the same thing a few years later by With Spider-man and Piano Man respectively.

-Got a new batch of eBay auctions; Just so you know, the money is going to 2 things:
1) my getting a hardware upgrade to get hi-speed, so I can do this blogging thing more frequently
2) To donate to my martial arts school to get some floor mats

Here's the link to my auctions

- Read some new trade paperbacks from the library
Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street - While I think Planetary is hands-down Warren Ellis' best work, I'm learning to appreciate this bit of essential Ellis. I think the key to understanding Ellis is that he'll make you laugh darkly at the beginning, and then stir you with his insights later on. Good reading.

Bulletproof Monk: OK, first things first. I love the movie. In my mind, it was the best movie this summer, easily beating the crap out of Matrix/X2 whatever. The comic, has no connection except that there is a Bulletproof Monk and a guy named Kar. That's it. And you know what, anyway you get it, it is still good. A really uplifting experience to read.

Politics (RANT ALERT):

If it's not one thing, it's another

George Bush claims to be the funding underdog? HOW THE FUCK IS THAT? He's an oil millionaire, as are about 3/4 of his cabinet, nevermind his huge support group in the Republican party, which worships him like the Second Coming. Nevermind that he's got a $200 million warchest and won't be spending a penny on the primaries. Who the hell think that the current reigning president is the underdog?

-The U.S. going to the U.N. for Iraq help; This is like asking Dad for money to fix the car after you took it for a joyride while being grounded, isn't it? You know the Germans and The French are just going to rake them over the coals about this, rightly or wrongly. You mean that you, the most powerful nation on earth, actually need allies to fight this "War on Terror" ? 'Bout time you owned up to it. Oh, and Rush Limbaugh, I hope that this means you will stop your pointless and retarded bashing of the U.N., seeing as THEY are bailing out YOUR boys.

-More on Iraq: Quagmire? Yeah, it is. And you could have avoided it. How could the U.S. have avoided it? By not being so blatant about it, by not forsaking your allies. And the line that the troops will help draw out "the evildoers" (You know, some of Bush's speeches read like they were written by Stan Lee) into fighting the U.S. there. Which means that those kids are acting as bait, which will be a big comfort to their families no doubt, because it just means the rich ones can come to the U.S. to cause trouble there. Yes, brilliant Strategy! Please Tell me that Stormin' Norman doesn't buy this.

-Ontario Elections: 'BOUT TIME. Let the slaughter begin! I've been waiting years to take a bite out of the Harris/Eves "Common Sense" machine which have demoralized and crushed our hospitals and schools, sold off nearly any part of the province worth keeping, all to provide for a tax cut or two. Thanks to that logic, I my tuition go from $2700 to $4000 in 4 years. Hey, but it's worth it because it means that Big Business can profit and return the savings to me in the new privatized energy like Ernie's got some explaining to do....

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