Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Sorry for yet another delay, as it was the result of two important factors;

1) Various family members required the phone line this weekend for school issues. I can't wait to get hi-speed
2) I'm an info junkie/read-aholic, and I got my monthly comic shipment. More on that later...


Just read Alan's closing statement on Comic book Galaxy (, all I can say is that he was the inspiration that got me to start blogging, and that he fought the good fight and opened a lot of minds to really good comics. His contribution will be missed dearly.
Here's to fighting the good fight....


I've had it had it had it with ignorant bastards like Rush Limbaugh making me ashamed to be a christian white guy with any amount of money. So, for today, I'm going to give you a manifesto of how to take guys like this to the wall, and deconstruct them for the small, bigoted trolls they are.

1) NO FUCKING FEAR - You must not be afraid of being outcast by your peers. Fear is the first, last, and only means for fascists to control the populace.
2) THE LIBRARY - OK, you need to show people how wrong people like Bush are, and how closeminded? Time to start some homework, start with Plato and other of the classic philosphers on how democracies are structures, and also some of the U.S. Founding fathers had some fucking airtight language on how that country works. The next time someone argues for the Patriot Act, remind them of the quote from Ben Franklin "Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither". Next up, some basic books on logical arguement structure (If you saw my dissection of Rush the other day, this is something taught in first year public speaking classes, and should be easy to get your hands on).
3) KNOW THY ENEMY - Go to Rush's web site, watch Fox News, maybe read the Bible (because if you know it as well as the Christian Coalition, you'll be able to rip apart that sub-human homophobia with a single biblical quote from the New Testament). You have to see them objectively, and see what they are really saying (which may make your stomach turn even more, because if you've done #2, you realize that what they are saying isn't much, and what little is there is full of bitterness).
4) KNOW YOUR ALLIES - The web is good for getting help, like (granted, he may be a little too far in the other direction, but it will help counteract Rush's brand of poison). The other reason I mention Moore's site is that he has a comprehensive links page to non-U.S. news sources, like CBC news (but then, as a Canadian, I'm biased).
5) FIGHT! - Win them over, not with force nor fear, but facts, compassion, and sheer humanity. Don't straw man Rush, but point out his logical gaps. Hate started this, but honesty will end it.


-Listened to an Ontario Election ad that stated that Conservatives would be "Hard on crime". This is funny because it insinuates that 1) they weren't before and 2) they can be harder. Given how LOW crime rates are in Ontario, it's funny. Now, if we were talking increasing penalties for corporate and environmental crimes...but on that issue they're silent.


Like I said, I got a boatload of comics this week, because I get them from Waterloo, and I got caught up on a lot....

Invinicble #4&5 - Simply one of the best pure superhero books out there. Angst free, funny, and generally touchy without being after-school special melodramatic. This is a fun read, and one that deserves more attention. The art here is a blend is a blend of early Walt Siminson with a more minimalist touch (but then, we haven't seen any giant Kirby machines yet, so I'll reserve judgement).

Sleeper #1-4,7&8 - The opposite end of the spectrum, dark, moody, and tragic. This book should be a primer on how to structure modern adventure comics. The protagonist (anti-hero, hero? With Holden, it's hard to say, which is part of the title's charm) is truly felt to be out of touch and out of his depth, and his real feelings of isolation, frustration, and ruthlessness are perfectly communicated.

Empire #1&2 - JESUS! Mark Waid is freaking EVIL! Anyone who thought of Waid as a sentimental sap needs to read this to see how truly wrong they are.

Planetary # 16 - Not yet. I've got a very long blog on Planetary in general planned for the weekend, and I'll get to it there.

Bye for now,


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