Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Good Start

Smarter people than me have already commented on the Siegel/Superman/DC comics ruling;
-Alan David Doane
-Christopher Bird
-The Fortress Keeper
-Uncivil Society

Let me for one say this: ABOUT GODDAMNED TIME.

There is absolutely no reason on earth for the comic industry to continue operating in the 1920s. NONE. It is this attitude, enforced by moronic fans (a huge number of those that apparently post on Newsrama) who genuinely believe that giving people what they are due will end their little hobby. Well, newsflash to you people:

  1. No one is going to go bankrupt over this: Time-Warner is probably the largest corporate entity on this planet. They can afford to backpay the family of the creator for his hard work.
  2. And yes, it was hard work, and fuck you for thinking otherwise. Any kind of creative work, whether it is in the arts or technical, like a patent, is worthy of protection and renumeration. And, if you don't think that it's such a big deal, go look up "Nikola Tesla", and then talk to me. I'm an engineering grad, and if I knew that something I made was being used to generate huge amounts of profit, then yes, I'm entitled to my fair share, and yes, it should be used to support my heirs even after I'm dead, because that's part of my legacy to them. Most people work for survival and to provide a future for their families. The reason Paris Hilton, ok, the reason you even know Paris Hilton exists is because her ancestors created a legacy and an inheritance for her to abuse on stupidity.
  3. In relation to Point 1.: Don't worry little fanboys, they are still going to be putting Superman out there in comics, toys and all that other stuff: it's simply too profitable in the long run for them not to. Just that now the family should hopefully start getting their rightful due.

Personally, I hope this is the beginning of more creative rights fights in the industry, and with any luck, it will lead to either to both fairer deals for creators in terms of renumeration for their efforts and contributions, or it will lead to those companies that are simply too stupid or viscious to stop publishing (yeah, I'm talking about Marvel), and then hey, if those characters become public domain, I've shown that I'm perfectly happy with this.