Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Well, there's a downer...

..at least, if you are happy with "Brand New Day"

ICv2 reports that Brand New Day's Debut was the number 2 title, not the number one.

The new top ten reads as follows

134,002 Hulk #1
127,958 Amazing Spider-Man #546
127,626 Captain America #34
113,191 Project Superpowers #0
107,631 Astonishing X-Men #24
105,520 Uncanny X-Men #494
105,070 Ultimates 3 #2
104,793 X-Men 207
101,213 Amazing Spider-Man #547
97,959 Amazing Spider-Man #548

Now, looking at that, you'd still have to say that Spider-Man is doing ok. Well, that is if you choose to accept the following:

  1. That the book lost over 30,000 readers in a single month
  2. That the book lost readers even with there best, most promoted and biggest names on the book
  3. That while the combined total sales are still higher than the Pre-"Brand New Day" sales on the Spider books (Because Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man and Sensational Spider-Man were selling 40,000-60,000), that the sales on the last two issues of this months Amazing Spider-Man are now BELOW that of Amazing Spider-Man Pre-"Brand New Day"
Personally, I'm just a little sad at all this. The move to "three times a month" for Amazing Spider-Man always struck me as a cynical and exploitive move designed to circle the wagons. And even at that, it doesn't seem to be working thus far.

Another observation: Marvel seems to do very well on the month to month sales, doesn't it? But on the other hand, as someone whom at this point is a dedicated TPB buyer, well, there doesn't seem to ever be any hard data for that. Pity. Because I find I buy a larger number of DC trades. I have no idea why this is. DC just tends to trade more products I want. Oh well.

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