Monday, November 17, 2008

So, What do YOU want?

So, what are you looking for in this blog o'mine? More Posters? Of whom? More "Week in the Life of?" (Which seems to be a pretty popular feature, judging from the responses). How about more "Plot Devices that need to go away" (There's more coming, trust me)? Do you want theme weeks of some sort? I can tell that reviews aren't a big priority amongst you guys, and I'm cool with that: I'm not one of the great reviewing sites, and what I read probably wouldn't be of much interest. But the point remains....WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE?

Throw down with the commentary!


Anonymous said...

"More Posters? Of whom"

Hmm, how about some b-listers? Iron Man, Cap, etc. are great, but what about some characters who don't have as much face time?

Really, the same could be said of Week in the Life too. How about Nova? Or maybe some of the cool cats from Nextwave?

Phil Watts, Jr. said...


A poster of Hot Rod holding the Leadership Matrix (after being partially responsible for getting his predecessor killed in the first place) from the original Tranformers movie would be appropriate for this one.

PlanetNiles said...

I come here because I like the way you think Mike. I like your posters and I just enjoy reading your blog. This is, in fact, the only blog I read with regularity (if you exclude Aaron Williams, which doesn't count because I'm mainly there for the comics).

The best of your posters get uploaded onto my computer where they form a part of my Motivational Poster Slide Show Screen Saver "Of Doom!" Since monitor faces into the room, when we're gaming there's the occasional pause followed by "Reed Richard's What?"

So yeah I want more humorous posters, more gamers posters and just generally more of the same.