Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Typical Week in the Life of...Quasar

(NOTE: Apologies for the lack of variety in images - I had a hard time finding good Quasar images to use)
MONDAY: Explore Cosmos. Epoch warns me of something dire to the fate of the cosmos coming my way. Dad's asked me to dinner; he thinks I'll really like the zucchini parmasean. He's right, it's really good!
TUESDAY: Avengers Meeting. Cap wants detailed intelligence on Kree and Skrull fleet formation and I've got to pass on some deep space astrophysics data over to Reed Richards. Reunion dinner with some of my old Project Pegasus friends. Ben asks how I'm doing as we have to stop the Bi-Beast from attacking.
WEDNESDAY: I'd rather not discuss it.

THURSDAY: Avengers Mission. It's Kang. Afterwards some of the ladies ask me to come with them for a night on the town (well, mostly because they want someone to keep an eye out for any tricks Clint or Simon have prepared, but I don't mind). The girls always ask a lot of, uhm, probing questions, but they still aren't as bad as some of the bad jokes the guys make.

FRIDAY: Yeah, that cosmic menace Epoch warned about? It's here. Sorry, need to go take care of it. Cancel dinner with Dad.
SATURDAY: Murdered by an evil cosmic being. Dead.
SUNDAY: Resurrected by another cosmic being so I can defeat the one that killed me. Much better, thank you for asking.

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