Monday, April 12, 2010

Comics "Journalism" Made Easy!

Hi everyone! Want to break into the exciting field of online comics journalism, but you lack the skill, the connections, or the ability to hold a conversation with anyone for more than 30 seconds at a time? Well, now it's easy! The "interview" template is easy to use! Just fill in the Blanks!
INTERVIEWER: Explain to me the appeal of (TITLE)?
WRITER: I've always loved (TITLE) ever since and his epic (WELL RECEIVED STORY FROM CHILDHOOD). The book has unlimited potential with the wide array of characters and settings available.
INTERVIEWER: Awesome. But what do you think of the characters?
WRITER: Well I've always liked how
(MAIN CHARACTER) is (MAIN CHARACTER TRAIT) and their interactions with (SECONDARY CHARACTER). That dynamic has always struck me as a strong one and it's one I want to explore. Something that I've always tried to make sense of is how (GENRE TROPE/INTERNAL CHARATER CONTRADICTION) works, so I think I'll look at that too.
INTERVIEWER: Tell us about your plans for the story
WRITER: Well in my first issue we're going to have (MAIN CHARACTER) in a new kind of situation. This is going to force to re-evaluate certain preconceptions and existing relationships, particularly with (SECONDARY CHARACTER).
INTERVIEWER: What can you tell us about (ARTIST)? What do you feel he brings to the series?
WRITER: He's a great guy and one of the best in the industry, a real diamond in the rough. He does some amazing work trying to (ARTIST STYLISTIC QUIRK) that is note perfect for where I want to take the series.
INTERVIEWER: Any final thoughts or spoilers?
WRITER: Two Words: Stay Tuned.
Give it a try today!

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