Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Missing the boat

How the fucking fuck did this happen?

Someone explain it to me: we live in the age of Enron, of Haliburton, KBR and every other energy company being a suit of armor away from becoming Lex Luthor, but Marvel, the oh-so "We have our fingers on the pulse of the people" company hasn't used Roxxon as an obvious surrogate for this sort of thing in YEARS? How is it that only Ed "Englehart remixed" Brubaker is going to deal with Roxxon in his Secret Avengers?

(Of course the answer is obvious: For all their swagger about being rebels, they aren't - they are a corporate entity that does not fight it's own kind, appearances to the contrary).

I mean, ok, Haliburton does it's share of skullduggery, but they aren't responsible for empowering half the fucking Serpent Society or creating the original Omega Flight or 1/100th of the things Roxxon has done. OCP? Weyland-Yutani? Amateur hour operations by Roxxon standards.

There really, really should have been something done over the last few years about the Roxxon making serious power grabs and using the SHRA and other bits of madness as a way of creating a corporate power base that would make a truly frightening threat to any team of heroes.

Just saying.

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