Thursday, May 20, 2010

And now, to get in trouble with fandom again

Kyle Rayner will always be Green Lantern to me.

Sorry Hal fans.

Partly because he was Green Lantern when I was growing up, I'll admit that. And even though Ron Marz blatantly stole Peter Parker's character arc and transfused it into Kyle, it still sticks with me. It also doesn't hurt that Kyle was my gateway into the DCU and that as the designated POV guy he was a great prism through which to learn about DC.

Partly because I liked his non-traditional costume, crab mask and all.

Partly because to this day, when I think of Kyle, I think of him holding back a sun or any of the 90 awesome things he did in Grant Morrison's JLA run. I think of him facing down that rather lame (but still impressive) son-of-Darkseid guy. I think of him and the Silver Surfer teaming up to take on Thanos. I remember a lot of 'moments'. Now, I've also tried to read a lot of Hal comics, and even with Geoff Johns straining so hard to give Hal "badass moments" in things like Sinestro Corps War or Blackest Night, it always ends up that they are so heavy-handed as to be forgettable, where smaller moments of badass from the other GLs creep in (i.e. Guy Gardner, who's will is so strong he can actually FIGHT THE GODDAMN GL rings themselves).

So, yeah, sorry.


Anonymous said...

I dont blame you...Kyle is the character that made the Green Lantern Series far more modern, as in Hal being "your father's GL" sorta thing going on.

Though...I do have a snickering for Guy as well.


Rebekah said...

I never liked Kyle much ... always felt I could do enough of my own whining. But then, I was born in 1983 and yet my Green Lantern will probably always be Alan Scott, so I know I'm weird. I am indifferent on Hal, though, so I guess I'm kind of in your camp there.

Oddly, I am a huge fan of Barry Allen being alive again. I think it's because I read the Mark Waid storyline where it looked like he came back but it turned out to be Professor Zoom, and it was so clear in that story that Barry was missed that I started missing him, too, even though I'd never met him. Maybe that's behind the Hal nostalgia--the regular GL fanbase has been fed such a steady diet of gee-we-miss-Hal that they're on board with it now.

Yep, I'm definitely insane.

MrCynical said...

Alan Scott never even blipped on my radar. I know nothing about him as a character.

As for Kyle, as I stated, he was the POV character during Morrison's JLA, and as someone who was diving into DC lore, I could relate to his journey.

And that's the thing, he had a journey and an arc, and even if it was 95% of the Peter Parker journey...well, that's not a bad place to be you know?

As far as Barry goes, I think he's more iconic for being missed than anything he did while he was alive.