Friday, May 21, 2010

And to Embarrass myself further

I kind of like what Geoff Johns has done with Superboy. As utterly ridiculous and nonsensical as the retcon was, it did crystallize the character for me.

I mean, of course, no young person has such an explicit struggle for self-definition as Conner here does. It's insane to even think that you are completely genetically pre-disposed towards becoming a genocidal mad scientist.

And yet....

Aren't superhero comics supposed to be wildly exaggerated morality tales? I mean, if this isn't the medium for it, what is?

And I think it's rather charming (in a very old-school way) to portray the struggle between good and evil as a series of choices defining the path to maturity and growing up. I think it helps personalize and ground the conflict.

It could just be me though.

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Anonymous said...

I didnt even realize that they bought Kon-El back until fairly recently.

At least he got to roll in the hay all night with Cassie at Ma and Pa Kent's Barn...