Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I sometimes spend too much time complaining about how corporate-driven supercomics are currently rotting in a sewer of their own making, but I also want to draw your attention to the good stuff - the stuff worth your time and money. And the best part? The good creators are putting out their stuff FOR FREE FOR YOU TO TRY!

I'm just going to point you off to three of my favorites today, and I hope you give them a shot and actually pick up the real thing. Trust me, they are totally worth your time and money.

Atomic Robo - Meet Robo, built by Nikola Tesla in the 1920s. He's a tough, clever, sardonic character who's had to deal with weird science and unusual phenomena (He's reluctant to start believing in magic, or to acknowledge the existence of such) for over 8 years. These free comics should give you a good sample of what you're in for.

PS238 - Is the story of a school for super-powered children. Except that unlike other properties, they act like kids. And they are fun and real in the way kids are. There's an absolute TON of material here - more than half of the PS238 series to date - so take a nice long sit-in and enjoy.

Love and Capes - It's a witty, classy, and ultimately, very funny romantic comedy. But with superpowers. The characters aren't a cookie cutter collection of analogues (although they may sometimes look like it - but that's only at the surface) the drama is driven more by the depiction of a more realized relationship than anything you'll see from Marvel/DC. Give it a try - you'll like it.

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