Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just some odds and ends

Sunday is generally a day I use for pure reflection. Just some things and some links:

-Kali's Webpage is always good of fun good things. You should check it out.

-Anyone got any feedback on the new Indy? Spoiler-free please. I'd just like to know.

-Watching The Magnificent Seven again, and it still surprises me that this movie got made in America. Yes, I know it's an adaptation of the Seven Samurai in Western form (it's in the opening credits and I'm not an idiot), but the core message of the movie, about destroying the romanticism of the western and the gunfighter, and showing the futility of that lifestyle as it approaches its nadir, is a real break from most classic American films (particularly Westerns). It just always manages to remind me that, oh yeah, they used to make movies with ambiguous endings, and trusted that the audience could deal with it.

-And on a positive note: ItsJustSomeRandomGuy is made of awesome.

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