Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Five by Five

Five things I want to see more of in Comics:

1) A Rocket Raccoon/Cosmo the telepathic dog one-shot. Make it Happen Marvel!

2) Reed Richards: Badass.

3) Aaron Stack

4) Big Damn Hero Moments

5) MC2 universe mini-series.

On the flipside, here's 5 things I'd be perfectly happy to never see ever again:

1) Pointless DCU inter-crossover continuity porn

2) Slowly paced, continuinally delayed comics that take half a decade to get to the fucking point!

3) Spider-Armor

4) Marvel Zombies

5) The Sentry

So, what's your Five by Five?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

5 things I’d like to see:

Heroes acting like heroes (if you’re putting people into camps and fighting against Captain America, you are not in the right).

Social issues are fine and dandy, but only if handled in a competent manner (I’m looking at you Mr. Winnick)

Books on time (this is your job, and if you don’t care, why should I?)

Realism is fine, but you’re dealing with people who fly (modern political theories fail in the faces of zombies)

More Rom. You can never go wrong with Rom.