Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Parker Factor

OK, One thing that the critics of Peter and MJ's marriage constantly complain that there is no reason a hot supermodel/actress would stay with someone as "ordinary" as Peter Parker if he wasn't a superhero. Well, that's complete bullshit, as I'm about to detail.


Even setting aside "the girl next door" factor of MJ's backstory and there'd still be plenty of damn good reason for her to want him. First, Peter has shown himself to be a smart, funny guy. That's not inconsiderable when one is looking for a partner. Secondly, the idea that a science guy can't get a beautiful woman, well, that's just silly. I know plenty of science and engineering majors who've got some very attractive married partners, so that's completely wrong.

"Oh, but MJ's a MODEL, what would she see in a poor Photographer?"

In case you're wondering, the answer is already there. MJ is a model and Peter is a (talented amateur) photographer. That gives them a common frame of reference because they could easily "talk shop" (i.e. How to use lighting, composition, color, etc.). Not only that, but when one considers that Peter's primary job is to track down dangerous superbeings, take pictures of them in battle and survive, it makes Peter's job very dangerous and sexy. One imagines that being on a supervillain beat is akin to a crime or war reporter. Danger like that can be quite attractive to quite a number of people, especially those in need of sensation and excitement that they normally wouldn't find on say, the runway? Just a thought.

2) MJ's career isn't as amazing as you would believe.

Remember that before her marriage, MJ was a struggling actress and only moderately successful model. Not exactly super-riches and all that. Most of her "superstardom" was introduced AFTER the marriage as a way of keeping the "Drama" intact via a lot of really cheesy stuff about the fakeness of Hollywood and such blather. So it stands to reason that whilse she worked hard at being a model, she wasn't exactly going to be the world's greatest. Nevermind that there are very few models with longevity in either the acting or modelling arena.

Anyway, that's just one more rant on why the Spider-Marriage should work, but Marvel wants to cry about how it doesn't. Well, I can't help their lack of imagination, intuition, or common sense.


Phil Watts, Jr. said...

The funny thing about all this is that as a result of "their lack of imagination, intuition, or common sense" that sales numbers of Amazing Spiderman has dwindle to HALF of what they had before starting that 'stupid Spidey story named after a bad Sting song.' They kept making a bunch of excuses on why can't write a married Spiderman, all while proving that they can't even write a SINGLE Spiderman either!

To me, the 'stupid Spidey story named after a bad Sting song' is an example of why the 90's never left. Remember over 10 years ago when the Fantastic 4, Captain America, Iron man, and the Avengers were all suffering dwindling sales numbers? So what did Marvel do? They brought in a few prominent 90's artists to revamp those titles (basically retelling their old stories).

Lee & Liefeld=Quesada
HEROES REBORN='Stupid Spidey story named after a bad Sting song'

Add to this the fact that Marvel tried this very same crap exactly 10 years ago in the Byrne/Mackie Spidey run and Byrne's Spiderman: CHAPTER ONE.

History never repeat itself. Stupid, ignorant people unwittingly repeat history.

Ezanee said...

Hi, Mike! Been a while since I commented here. I like this post, basically it reinforces the accepted notion today that cliches and generalizations of people as nerds or geeks really doesn't detract from their viability as romantic partners.

Part of the long-loved idea of Peter Parker and Mary Jane as a couple was their ability to see past such superficial concepts; series like Mary Jane Loves Spider-Man serves this function in a completely fresh and accessible way for new fans.

More importantly, their ability to face adversity as a couple stands (or at least, until recently, STOOD) as a cornerstone of comic couples, it was realistic, it dealt with very real concerns; monetary, emotionally.

I am saddened with the whole deal with the devil angle. It took apart something that many people believed in; that with the right attitude and by being true to yourself, you can be with the girl of your dreams.

Keep posting man, your blog is awesome.