Thursday, August 18, 2011

And now, a small tribute to the 1990s


Phil Watts, Jr. said...

I asked for this a while back...

To me, the 90's are pretty much like Disco. Everyone loves to joke on how bad it was, but nobody stops to think that every criticism that has been laid against it can easily be said about everything that's popular right now, some cases even more so.

Bad fashion? Looked at Lady Gaga lately?

Constant push of materialism? Jay-Z and P-Diddy are swimming in money like Uncle Scrooge by making countless records about how THEY ARE RICHER THAN YOU!

Talentless vocalists? At least Donna Summers never needed AUTOTUNE!

"Disco Duck?" That was created as A JOKE. I'm still waiting on someone to reveal that Willow Smith and Soulja Boy were created as jokes.

I could go on (seriously), but you get my point.

Lates look at the criticisms of the 90's.

EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEME STORIES? If you criticize the 90's for this, and you're a Mark Millar fan, smack yourself upside the head, because you're a fucking hypocrite. THE ULTIMATES ain't nothing but EXTREEEEEEME Avengers.

BAD ART? Maybe if Liefeld copy/pasted the same damn panel 5 times in a single page and copied more facial expressions from porno mags, he'd get the level of respect that today's so-called artists get.

Constant push of GRIMDARK? Take a look at the Young Justice gang in the 90's. Now look at the Young Justice gang NOW. Now shut the fuck up!

Constant push of GIMMICK COVERS? Marvel has no choice but to constantly push gimmick covers to keep all the Spidey books afloat. That's all that book has now.

Overexposure of Wolverine? This past decade overexposed him even more, not only shoehorning him into the Avengers, but adding a son and daughter with claws on top of that! (Plus, no matter how many times they try, Wolverine will never be Avenger material, and his mere presence in those books screams SALES GIMMICK.)

And there you have it.

Tom said...

First, love the posters. I was a huge fan of Morrison's JLA during the nineties, and there were other comics I enjoyed as well.

Second, right on, Phil! Especially the part about Wolverine. The dude is both an Avenger and Cyclops' black ops hit man, not to mention the fact he is somehow able to effectively operate in both San Francisco and New York. At least the JLA had teleporters to explain how everyone could get to where they needed to be quickly