Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why the Avengers movie might tank

Yes yes, I know - The teaser trailer was awesome and Joss Whedon and How Dare I and blah de blah de blah.

Yesterday's post on Green Lantern should have been a clue here as to what the problem might be.

The problem: The Audience, whom are not comic people, have to A) remember, and B) Give a damn about what happened in the following movies at minimum:

2008's Iron Man
2011's Thor
2011's Captain America: the First Avenger

Other movies that they might want to care about include:
2008's Incredible Hulk
2010's Iron Man 2

Now, while this is not necessarily a big deal, there's no proof that it won't be a small one either. Consider, the only modern example of this kind of crossover movie is the Aliens vs. Predator 'franchise'.

Scared yet?

This is also why I have serious concerns over the presence of Joss Whedon; because outside of Kevin Smith, there's no one in Hollywood I've found who caters more to the extremes of the fanbases while ignoring the larger audience than Whedon. Hopefully, he'll prove me wrong, and hopefully audiences will be able to follow along a clearly defined story.


If the people making the film have taken this into account.


Phil Watts, Jr. said...

Joss Whedon?!


If his much ballyhoo'd ASTONISHING X-MEN serves as an indicator, than it'll be a train wreck. (Yes, I'm aware that I'm supposed to like ASTONISHING X-MEN as well as his Buffy stuff. Sorry--I don't.) Hopefully he'll step his game up here, because so much can go wrong.

Tom said...

I liked some of his AXM, but my biggest issue with it was how long it took for it to come out. I look at guys like John Byrne, who at one point could crank out three comics a month (Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four) by working with inkers, then I look at guys like Hitch and Cassaday who could not keep to a monthly schedule to save their lives.

mrjl said...

I thought Whedon was gone

MrCynical said...

Whedon is the director and writing the screenplay, according to IMDB