Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dave's Long Box: Going to a better place

Well, we are going to bid a fond farewell to Dave's Long Box, as Dave is moving on to other things. So Be it.

I for one, will never forget the following

Thor: Smack Talker

Dave's Totally Awesome X-Men

Boob War

These and other things, we all have Dave to thank for. and I thank Dave, because quite a few of the images I've used in my posters are from his 90s comic collection, among others. So, my hat's off to you. Godspeed.


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Phil Watts, Jr. said...

"JIM LEE: Used to actually draw comics on a regular schedule."

Those were the days. I still like Jim Lee...I only wish he was doing something else, other than THE ADVENTURES OF THE GODDAMN BATMAN bi-monthly/bi-seasonal/bi-annual series.