Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am Responsive!

Why? Because I believe in responding to questions from the commenters.

Lurkerwithout has a really good comment that is worth of it's own blogpost. Here's his comment

The worst part of "Doom-Gate"? The crappy dialogue is distracting everyone
from the utterly stupid Deus Ex Spider-Woman save...

There hasn't been much discussion of this, and I think there is a very simple reason for that: it isn't a surprise anymore that Marvel doesn't know how to write super-fights.

A shocking and damning admission if you get right down to it; after all, Marvel practically INVENTED the super-brawl. But, it seems that the art of the big bad superfight has disappeared in this bygone age, especially as writers better known for emotional realism step in. And Bendis is defintely the weakest when you consider the following examples:

-The end of "Who Killed Retro-Girl?" in the first POWERS storyarc
-Deus ex-Luke Cage in The Pulse (where he, not Spider-Man, brings in the Green Goblin)
-Deus ex-Sentry (Several Avengers stories)
-Deus ex-Dr. Strange (again, the Avengers)
-Deus ex-Scarlet Witch (Avengers Dissassembled, again in House of M)

So yeah, it doesn't surprise me that Bendis writes a pet character of his to make "The big win" for no other reason than he likes the character and wants you to like him/her too, story logic be damned. It's also why I have such low expectations for "Secret Invasion"; I seriously doubt that ANY of the "70's versions" are going be the real deal, ESPECIALLY the ones of Cage, Jessica Jones, or Spider-Woman. Sorry, not buying it or caring.

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