Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hal No!

As you can see above, I'm not exactly a Hal Jordan fan. Not that I hate him - I sort of get the character and the appeal, and he works fine...


When you think about Guy Gardner, first thing that springs to mind?

Batman decking him. Him being a jerk in the JLI era. The University of Michigan logo sticker on his power battery. If you read Blackest Night, he gets a really cool moment where his own willpower actually fights the Green Lantern Ring itself. That's badass.
John Stewart?

Well, just about any story-arc with him on the "Justice League" cartoon. A planet dying on his watch due to his overconfidence.
Kyle Rayner?

Facing down an insane Parallax. Proving himself time and time again during Morrison's JLA run, which reaches its climax when Kyle contains a sun. During Blackest Night, he made a self-sacrifice play to save Oa that killed him (temporarily).

Where's Hal's moment? Is it punching Batman, as seen here? Is it something else? Both in "The Sinestro Corps War" and "The Blackest Night" he's been more spectator than active force.

I'm asking this honestly. If you're a Hal fan, shed some light on this for me.

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Tom said...

I am not a huge Hal Jordan fan, but here are some things going for him:

1) He is the Green Lantern of The New Frontier.

2) He is one of the founders of the JLA, defeating the golden roc despite it's yellow plumage.

3) He decked Batman.

4) According to the new origin story he and Sinestro broke down the "single Green Lantern" rule, allowing for awesome team ups between lanterns.