Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Seeing as Dwayne Taylor/Night Thrasher and Microbe are the only New Warriors who were killed in Stamford (and at this point, it wouldn't be that hard to retcon it so NO ONE died at Stamford, with the added bonus of pissing off Mark Millar), how long do you figure before another New Warriors title is launched?

My prediction is that it'll be by December 2011, tops.

(And as a side note - man, 90s Nova had some truly, truly GODAWFUL shirts and fashion style)


Anonymous said...

I would need 10 minutes to retcon the entire Stamford incident so that not even any civilians died there.

Why would I need to long? Simple: that's the time it would take to hack out a script for a 22 page comic.

Tom said...

Anything that pisses off that hack Millar can only be a bonus, so while I am pretty much against characters coming back to life in this case I would make an exception. :D