Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Question of Family

Is there a major family of characters in the Marvel Universe that isn't completely fucked-up dysfunctional?

Just a quick look here:
Magneto's Family - see above
The Richards' family - Nathan is a time-travelling maybe-despot, Kang might be in the family tree there somewhere, Franklin's a near-godling, and Val's a super-genius know-it-all that makes Lisa Simpson look like a piker.
The Braddock Family - One's Merlin's champion, another went insane and got godlike powers, and another is a telepath currently in the body of a Japanese ninja.
The Rasputin Family - Insane godling, Formerly dead teleporting Princess of Hell, and a stainless steel man.
The Banner and Logan families - could be the basis for a series of best selling psychology books if the author's weren't afraid of being brutally killed.
The Mar-Vell family - Half-Skrull heir to the Throne, Two posthumously conceived children.
The Osborn Family - Nope. Not going here.
Mystique's family - Murderous ex-husband (Sabertooth), abandoned child (Nightcrawler), xenophobic racist child she murdered (Graydon Creed) and adopted daughter who rejected her (Rogue).
The Summers Family - and I can just stop right there.

Did I miss any?

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