Saturday, August 21, 2010

Superman Week Part 3: On Lois

Listen up people, because I'm only going to say this once:

Lois Lane is totally awesome.

Really, it doesn't matter which version of Lois we're talking about; Crazy Silver-Age Lois, Flighty Teri Hatcher "Lois and Clark" Lois, or modern Lois. Any medium, any continuity, Lois Lane is all about sheer determination and drive and a willpower that would bust the entire Green Lantern Corps.

Lois Lane is the best reporter at the Daily Planet. And her primary competition is her husband, who can see through walls and listen to conversations an ocean away. Think about what that takes, and you get a clue for how absolutely no-nonsense Lois Lane would have to be.

Lois Lane, who can do anything she puts her mind to - expose the corrupt, bring down the criminal, and get secrets and insight on everyone from presidents to alien gods. Lois Lane, who believes in the truth, and justice, and standing up to the odds just because she can. Without powers, or gadgets or suits of armor or magic or decades of intense combat training. Just a recorder and a writing pad.

That's a woman you shouldn't mess with.


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