Monday, August 23, 2010

Superman Week Part 5: On the Origin

So, The origin (and there's 25 of them at this point), where do we stand? What's important and what's not?

Should Superman be the Sole Survivor of Krypton? While I think that Superman's sense of isolation should be important and help to make him relatable, I don't think it's worth the compromise of cutting out Supergirl. General Zod and his cohorts and the city of Kandor I can do without either way, but I do think that on the whole, Superman as one of the last survivors is acceptable to me.

Should Kal-El have any memories of life as a child on Krypton? Really, I think I prefer him as an infant who travelled to Earth with no memories of life on Krypton. I think that works because it fits into the "immigrant story" - the notion of trying to honor a culture you only know second-hand through the nostaglic idealizations of the previous generation. That said, him having memories of life on Krypton does add an element of tragedy if he remembers his dead biological parents.

Powers as a child or no powers until puberty? I come down on the side of his powers starting off on day one on Earth and growing slowly over time.

Social outcast as a teenager or high school football hero? Outcast.
Kal-El or Clark Kent? Clark Kent is who Superman thinks of himself as.

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