Monday, August 30, 2010

Subjects Required

So, I've got nearly 100 images in my cache ready for poster-making. Are there any subjects or categories you'd like to see? Right now, I'm thinking of working on some more generic posters about specific powers/abilities and categories of superheroes, but I'm open to suggestions.

Your thoughts please


Tom said...

You might want to focus on powers that used to be generic but are now a bit overly used, like the healing factor. Hulk has it, Wolverine and Deadpool have it, so does X-23 as well as numerous others. What the writers seem to forget is how much it must hurt to get shot, so even if the person heals quickly it is not like they enjoy the experience.

Here is a list of comic characters with a healing factor:

D said...


Maybe more examples of heroes failing? (Civil War, anything with Norman Osborn, etc)

How about characters ripped off from other characters?

But in any event, I would like to see more Jimmy Olson. Doing anything