Thursday, August 05, 2010

Comic Con Thoughts

I don't have many. Mostly the old complaints - San Diego's not really about comics, it's about the multimedia stuff, the superhero news was told at earlier cons, etc. So, won't rehash that much, because that's done better by other people. Of course, there's the movies, which look good, and some of the other multimedia stuff is interesting, but let's see where that goes.

For me, I think my interest in SDCC "news" is that the creators I care about don't make their announcements at a con panel - they do it on their websites so they can spend their time actually connecting with the fans. That strikes me as a much better way to go about it, and if I ever go to a con, I certainly want to spend more time with the creators then just watching them gush over their latest project.

Any thing from SDCC that caught your eye? Speak!

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