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The Initiative: Now with competence!

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February 22, 2007: Civil War ends with the surrender of Steve Rogers (Captain America)
February 25, 2007: The Committee for Independence, an Anti-SHRA lobby group, is founded in Washington DC and immediately draws in top lobbyists, including former congressmen and senators, with extensive salaries and benefits. While the true source of the funding remains secret, it is largely believed that Rand International is the primary financial backer.

March 2, 2007: The Initiative sanctioned Avengers team, under the joint direction of Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) and Tony Stark (Iron Man)
March 5, 2007: Steve Rogers (Captain America) assassinated.
March 10, 2007: Rand International buys Frontline. Sally Floyd immediately terminated from job.
March 23, 2007: Moon Knight (Marc Spector) arrested and detained by Initiative forces.
March 30, 2007: Amateur video leaks from Camp Hammond showing the recruitment of superbeings Stature and Cloud 9, as well as clips of SHIELD “capekiller” units attacking underage superbeings such as the Young Avengers and the so-called “Runaways” with military grade hardware. The outraged sparked by this footage initiates a Congressional investigation.

April 5, 2007: “Mask Day” – an anti-Initiative rally, is held on the Washington Mall. Several members of the outlaw “New Avengers” are present to speak out against the SHRA. A particularly militant faction, known as “Soldiers for Steve” disguise themselves as members of the New Avengers, allowing them to escape when the Initiative arrives to arrest them. Dozens of protesters are arrested, but none are charged.

May 11, 2007: Initiative and SHIELD spearheads a successful invasion of Latveria. The Committee for Independence files a lawsuit, claiming that with Initiative members acting in an international military operation, the Initiative is in violation of Posse Comitatus Act.

June 21st, 2007: Self-dubbed “New Warriors” led by Donyell Taylor are arrested by a Joint strike team of Initiative members. No fatalities occur.

July 27th, 2007: Hulk terrorizes Manhattan in what is dubbed “World War Hulk”. Damage is estimated at over 30 billion and a death toll of over 300.

August 30, 2007: Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Stephen Strange are called before a Congressional committee for their actions leading up to the “World War Hulk” incident.

September 14 2007: Video evidence from Camp Hammond showing the death of Initiative candidate Michael Van Patrick (MVP). The Committee for Independence publically states that the Initiative is promoting an environment of child endangerment. Henry Gyrich resigns.
September 29 2007: Frank Castle (The Punisher) is arrested and detained by Initiative teams

October 7, 2007: Los Angeles-based unregistered superhuman group “Runaways” arrested and to be placed in foster care.

October 15 2007: Anti and Pro – Initiative protestors clash at Camp Hammond.
October 22 2007: Stephen Strange leaves the United States to avoid further prosecution, promising not to return to US soil until the SHRA is repealed.

November 14 2007: Tony Stark is stripped of SHIELD directorship and leadership of the Initiative. Refusing to comply with Congressional orders to turn over the SHRA, Tony Stark is declared in violation of SHRA and criminal charges are placed. Maria Hill is appointed head of SHIELD, while Congressional hearings are put under way to confirm Norman Osborn head of the Initiative.
November 23 2007: As the only remaining member of the so-called “Illuminati” still facing US prosecution, Reed Richards agrees to a settlement of $4 billion to pay for damages to NY.
November 24 2007: Peter Parker (Spider-Man) agrees to turn himself in to Initiative forces. An agreement provides Parker with immunity from all standing charges, and restoration of membership with good status in Avengers in exchange for testimony and evidence confirming Norman Osborn’s identity as the Green Goblin and culpability in several killings. Norman Osborn attempts to flee federal custody and attacks several police officers before being detained by Spider-Man.

December 10 2007: Henry Pym (Yellowjacket) confirmed as new director of the Initiative.
December 23 2007: Asgard is placed under military cordon by SHIELD and Initiative forces. Attempts to negotiate Initiative status with Asgard leadership is met with a stern rebuke from Thor.

January 4 2008: All Stark remaining assets seized and under study by Initiative forces. Iron Man sighted on the run overseas.
January 18, 2008: Negative Zone Prison 42 lost to invasion by Blastaar. Dozens of prisoners killed in uprising.

February 13 2008: Super criminal elements organized by the super villain known as “The Hood” begin a reign of terror. It is unknown how they obtained SHRA databases, but several Initiative members identities are compromised and threatened. A separate congressional investigation is launched.
February 29 2008: SHIELD attempts intervention in battle between Hulk and unknown superhuman combatant “Red Hulk”. Helicarrier destroyed. Death toll is estimated at 3300.

March 16 2008: “Thunderbolts” program is put under review.
March 22 2008: Daredevil (Matt Murdock) is arrested and detained by Initiative forces.

April 19, 2008: Skrull Invasion begins. Multiple fatalities among the Initiative and SHIELD.
April 22, 2008: Skrull Invasion ends with the death of Skrull queen Vernake by noted SHRA resister Clint Barton (Hawkeye, Ronin).
April 24, 2008: Maria Hill is removed as head of SHIELD. Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) appointed director of SHIELD and the Initiative. Restructuring the SHRA and the Initiative is widely called for.

May 13, 2008: Initiative forces retake prison 42 after incurring significant fatalities.
May 21, 2008: The SHRA amended. Superhumans under the age of majority are only given training for safety and control purposes, combat training is only to be obtained with written consent of legal guardians. Furthermore, bowing to international pressure, registered American superhumans are forbidden from operations abroad.
May 29, 2008: Annual report from the Congressional Committee on the Superhuman Registration Act makes several recommendations for increasing cost effectiveness. Director Danvers criticizes the recommendations as “cutting us off at the knees.”

June 9 2008: Rand International begins buying shares in Time-Warner, General Electric, and Newscorp. “Soldiers for Steve” becomes a 527 group promoting a strong anti-registration message on the airwaves.

July 12 2008: SHIELD Director Danvers asks for all remaining mutants to co-operate with SHRA guidelines. Cyclops, leader of the X-Men, accepts the offer.

August 4 2008: Victor Von Doom sentenced and imprisoned in new secret facility for superhuman detention along with SHRA resisters.

September 15 2008: With organization and intelligence provided by Avengers co-chair Spider-Man, a series of midnight raids collects the majority of Manhattan-based super criminals.
September 20 2008: A series of retaliatory raids by the Hood’s syndicate results in deaths among the registered superhuman community as well as family and loved ones.
September 25 2008: After 5 days of raids and attacks, a joint strike team of Initiative forces brings in The Hood (Parker Robbins) and his criminal associates. Reports of anti-Registration superhuman combatants, including Luke Cage, participating in these confrontations remain unconfirmed.

October 13 2008: Nick Fury, long a fugitive, agrees to a plea bargain with the State Department. In exchange for intelligence on HYDRA, Fury and his new “Howling Commandoes” private military company operatives are granted clemency for past actions. Nick Fury relocates HCPMC headquarters overseas.
October 15 2008: Initiative procurement bill is passed, reducing Initiative funding drastically.

November 12 2008: US State Department begins negotiations with the leadership of Asgard.

December 7 2008: The Initiative begins an operation to bring in all Hulk-affiliated persons of interest.
December 21 2008: Initiative forces bring in the Leader, MODOK, and other members of the so-called “Intellegista”. Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk contained.

January 9 2009: Hulk (Bruce Banner) contained.

February 17 2009: Video footage showing a severely mentally disturbed Sentry (Robert Reynolds) is leaked to the press. Director Danvers unavailable for comment.
February 19 2009: Iron Man (Tony Stark) arrested and detained by Initiative forces. Original SHRA database is presumed lost. Tony Stark is held in federal custody and tried on violation of state secrets acts.

April 2 2009: Sentry (Robert Reynolds) undergoes a psychotic episode in downtown NYC. Loss of life is estimated to be 12,400. Sentry is killed by combined Initiative and non-Initiative forces, including Thor and mystic Doctor Voodoo.
April 11 2009: Luke Cage and remaining “New Avenger” SHRA resistance forces agree to clemency deal.

May 7 2009: New SHRA-related safety measures put into place force Dr. Richards to relocated all Fantastic Four related science ventures to New Mexico.

June 22 2009: Asgard peace accord signed.
July 4 2009: Steve Rogers returns to life.
July 5 2009: Steve Rogers retires, announces run for Congress.
October 30 2009: Spider-Man (Peter Parker) announces retirement.


Anonymous said...

None of the images seem to be showing up

MrCynical said...

Looking into it. I'm not seeing a problem so far, so it may just be something on your end. Thank you for notifying me.

Tom said...

I think the one thing above all others than stuck out for me in regards to Civil War was how little understanding Mark Millar had in regards to how the characters would respond. The man had no grasp of how these characters ticked.

1) Captain America with no plan other than going underground.

2) Tony Stark making a clone of one of his best friends to use as muscle. Then using it again after it kills another friend (notice how Clor kept attacking black people. Hmmmm...).

3) Super heroes willingly fighting alongside psychotic super villains enslaved with nanites.

4) Reed Richards becoming an unemotional douchebag, tossing out decades of character development.

I just don't get Millar's popularity. Being 42 I understand I am not the key demographic any more, perhaps adolescent fanboys like reading his stuff and don't care about things like consistent characterization and plots that are supposed to make sense? Maybe I'm just bitter...

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you did something but the images are working now.

Excellent read as well

Jason Barnett said...

Interesting read, but Norman as Green Goblin was known by the public so Spidey's testimony wouldn't be worth much.

MrCynical said...

There's a difference between "We know he's the Green Goblin" and "We know the Green Goblin commited an absolute crapload of murders and other acts of terror." The idea being that Peter had evidence.

It's more to make the point that a competent government wouldn't let Norman go very far.